IEnate helps individuals and organizations more effectively steward their resources holistically so that they can live a meaningful legacy now.

"To whom much is given, much is required." - Luke 12:48

Enate means to "grow out or outwards";  innate means "inherent or indwelling". IEnate comes from the belief that transformation happens both inside and outside of us, and it continues to evolve as we embrace God's Spirit in our lives.   

IEnate, LLC offers stewardship coaching and spiritual direction for individuals and strategic visioning consulting for organizations. IEnate empowers people to discover, articulate and intentionally live out their legacies in the communities in which they serve.  The IEnate team partners with people compassionately by sharing tools that enable individuals to live a life that's meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling.

IEnate plants seeds of stewardship and personal responsibility so that a bountiful legacy is left behind for families, the community and others to witness.  

IEnate desires to work with people who have a desire to model a faith-driven use of talent, resources and gifts through their overall attitudes and actions.

IEnate is led by husband and wife team, Ben Bellury and Sherry Waters, who have each been called to ministry for several years.


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