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Spiritual care & coaching infused with gentleness, compassion and a joyful spirit.

IEnate offers far more than tea and pastries in a soothing environment.  It also curates classes, experiences, concerts, art and wellness fairs to support you in your intention to nourish yourself, body and spirit. And its podcast, In the Kiln, shares insights and inspiration from guests who have experienced transformation in their lives.

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Group Consulting/Individual Coaching

IEnate offers consulting and coaching services to organizations, social entrepreneurs, non-profits and individuals desiring intensive support with a focus on fund and resource development, marketing and organic promotion. Areas of expertise include:

  • Radical stewardship

  • Organic networking

  • Strengthening and strategic visioning

  • Building and maintaining better relationships, including donor and customer support

  • Practicing graceful accountability

  • Motivating staff and volunteers

This level of coaching and consulting empowers organizations and people to discover, articulate and intentionally live out their legacies in the communities they serve.  If you have a desire to model a faith-driven use of talent, resources and gifts, this level of coaching and consulting is designed for you.

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"In the Kiln" Podcast


In the Kiln is a twice-monthly podcast that empowers listeners to live a more fulfilling, purpose-filled life through the wisdom of community folk who share their experiences with healing and restoration during their time in the fires of life.  Episodes feature: 

  • Transformational leadership

  • Personal stewardship lessons

  • Forward legacy planning

  • Spiritual companionship

  • Reconciliation stories

*IEnate believes in modeling what we believe.  A portion of all proceeds gets designated to a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) named IEnate Foundation. A DAF allows donors and third party contributors to amplify their giving by acting as a "storehouse for your normal charitable giving." If you would like to share a non-profit organization you believe exemplifies community stewardship, please email

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Spiritual Companionship


Spiritual companionship enables you to explore a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human.  This holy spiritual direction helps people to tell their sacred stories and discern how Divine Spirit is prompting them to live their life with passion and presence. Directees who experience this attunement offering often say they feel seen and heard, as well as accepted - not judged - and understood.


Spiritual companions:

  • Provide guidance for creating sacred space in the everyday.

  • Support you in restoring and renewing your inner self.

  • Offer a listening ear to your joys and your struggles.

  • Help you see how the Divine is showing up in your life.

  • Offer grace-filled accountability when you need it.

  • Can suggest new spiritual practices to deepen your relationship with the Divine and lead to holistic living.

  • Become an authentic relationship you can trust and depend on.

  • Help you achieve clarity as you seek to live into your purpose.

  • Affirm your gifts and your strengths.

Spiritual Companionship sessions are 50 minutes and can be scheduled monthly or biweekly.  Everything that is said in every session is confidential.  Contact Sherry with your questions or to schedule a time to meet with either Sherry or Peg.

"Sherry's heart and compassion for others allows her to meet people right where they are - soul to soul." - Spiritual Companion client

"What you feed will grow." - Peg Robarchek

"With Peg as my spiritual mentor, my entire life has shifted as I choose to feed harmony, peace, self-care." - Brenda

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Connect, Learn & Practice


The tea-bar's sacred space brings together the community for a variety of opportunities to be entertained, to learn and to participate in special activities.

  • Concerts: First Friday concerts are held monthly in our intimate space and, when weather allows, on our outdoor stage.

  • Gallery: Art and photography exhibitions are offered on a rotating basis for purchase or to view while savoring your tea.

  • Learning: Restorative yoga, journaling, DIY workshops, and a range of meditation classes and groups, as well as other mindful activities and gatherings that foster connection and nurture spirit are offered regularly at the tea-bar.

  • Labyrinth:  Our walking labyrinth helps patrons to reflect, unwind and let go of everyday concerns in order to renew a sense of inner calm, balance and perspective.  The labyrinth is also incorporated into meditation classes.

For reminders of all our events and offerings, sign up for our monthly enewsletter.

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