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The IEnate team are affirmed of their Divine-inspired  approach to soul journey with others on a path of authentic relationships and holistic living.
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Group Consulting/Individual Coaching

IEnate offers consulting services to organizations and individuals - desiring intensive support - with a focus on how to incorporate biblical principles to maximize relationships and enhance results. Areas of expertise include:

  • Building and maintaining better relationships

  • Practicing graceful accountability

  • Motivating employees

  • Organic networking

  • Strengthening strategic visioning

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Spiritual Companionship


Spiritual companionship enables individuals to explore a deeper relationship with the spiritual aspect of being human.  This holy spiritual direction helps people to tell their sacred stories and discern with God's Holy Spirit is prompting them to live their life with passion and presence. Spiritual companionship support will:

  • Empower participants to listen more deeply.

  • Learn how to create sacred space in the everyday.

  • Guide participants to effectively utilize spiritual disciplines.

  • Understand how to restore and renew their inner selves.

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"In the Kiln" Podcast


In the Kiln is a unique bimonthly podcast that empowers listeners to live a more fulfilling, purposeFULL life through the wisdom of community folk, who are practicing legacy sustainability and servant leadership. The 30-minute show features:

  • Transformational leadership

  • Personal stewardship lessons

  • Forward legacy planning

  • Spiritual companionship

  • Reconciliation ministry

*IEnate believes in modeling what we believe.  A portion of all proceeds gets designated to a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) named IEnate Foundation. A DAF allows donors and third party contributors to amplify their giving by acting as a "storehouse for your normal charitable giving." If you would like to share a non-profit organization you believe exemplifies community stewardship, please email

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"The Koinoiah" Blog/Magazine


The Koinoiah focuses on individuals and organizations who are exemplifying effective personal stewardship and civic responsibility. The Koinoiah highlights:

  • Those who model faith-driven use of talents, resources and gifts through their overall attitudes and actions.

  • Those who bear fruit of stewardship by sharing their blessings to benefit others and their community.

  • Stewardship in action.

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