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"Thank you so much for putting together a beautiful event!

It was refueling, refreshing and a true blessing altogether.  Thank you so much; your kind soul shines through everything you do, and I thank God for you and your invitation.  What an experience!" - Johana, Spiritual Refueling Retreat Participant

"Sherry's heart and compassion for others allows her to meet people right where they are - soul to soul."

Her gift of discernment enables her to guide individuals in their own spiritual pursuits, to live freer, more authentic lives as God intended! Sherry's Godly counsel and wisdom have been invaluable to me!"

- Mary, Spiritual Directee

"Our facilitator was very present, attuned, intentional and spiritually guided in navigating the group."

- Toccara, Spiritual Refueling Retreat Participant

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