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"Accepting ourselves is always the starting point to something greater - a deeper maturity, a deeper walk with God, and ultimately, a greater acceptance and understanding of our neighbor. How we see ourselves affects how we see others." - Amy Hollingsworth, The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers

The word innate means inborn, organic, deep-rooted.  In other words, we are all born with everything within us that we need in order to live with purpose.  All we need to do is nurture that innate calling.  The word enate means to grow out of - by nurturing what is deep within us, the purpose and gifts with which we were born grow out into the world.

So at IEnate, we focus on healing and growing from the inside out.

Sherry Waters and her husband, Ben Bellury, launched IEnate in 2018.  Their own sacred partnership gave life to their belief that transformation happens both inside and outside of us.  That transformation continues to evolve when we commit to spiritual wholeness by reflecting inward, on our heart's pure intentions, and serve outward through our journeys with others.

Sherry Waters spent more than 28 years in nonprofit leadership and 15 years as a social entrepreneur.  She is also a Community Chaplain and Spiritual Companion facilitator, walking with individuals who seek to grow their spiritual lives and use their talents, resources and skills to serve others and the community. A former chaplain for Atrium Health, Sherry infuses her spiritual care experiences with gentleness, compassion and a joyful spirit.  She received her Master's of Practical Theology/Pastoral Counseling & Care from Pfeiffer University, a B.A. degree in Communications from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill; and her certification in Nonprofit Management from Duke University. 

Ben Bellury is a Transformational Leadership Coach and facilitator. With over 28 years of advisement and coaching in financial services, he brings his visionary leadership to the table by guiding teams toward successful strategy and empowering groups to press forward on articulating and achieving God's highest intention. He has his B.A. degree in Organizational Communications from Queens University of Charlotte.

Joining IEnate in this healing journey is Peg Robarchek, a Spiritual Director, certified meditation instructor and author.  She studied spiritual direction at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, a practice she has shared with others for almost thirty years.  She has meditated for more than three decades.  Her next book, Welcome to the Church of I Don't Have a Clue, will be out in late 2023.  She is a former journalist and received her B.A. from Florida State University.

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