Ben Bellury and Sherry Waters met years ago, as they were both serving on a local ministry board together. Little did they know that God would allow them to intersect paths again.

In May 2015, both - Ben and Sherry - were at a point in their lives where each had a desire to be partnered with a Christ-loving companion in a life long relationship.  Sherry was completing a chaplain residency and had just gotten back from an eight-day spiritual pilgrimage trip to Iona, Scotland.  Ben was working for a corporate company, leading a team with as much passion as he could share; and each were searching for more of God's best in their personal lives.  

They both had decided to give Eharmony, the online dating website, a try and were instantly connected as "perfect matches" for one another.  After just two dates, the two knew that God had ordained them to be in holy union. They began the journey of blending their lives together with their families - being sure to place God in the center of their relationship.  

After 2 1/2 years of wedded bliss which included some minor obstacles on the path - normal to an interracial marriage with five teenagers getting to know one another - the couple resolved to move forward on a vision that God had spoken to each about the other purpose of their inspiring partnership... ministry that focuses on personal stewardship and legacy living.  IEnate is indeed a testimony of what grace and genuine reliance on God's leading in our lives can look like.

Ben Bellury is a transformational leader and facilitator. With over 12 years of management in financial services, he brings his visionary leadership to the table by guiding teams toward successful strategy and empowering groups to press forward on articulating and achieving God's highest intention.

Sherry Waters is a personal stewardship practitioner and life coach who is passionate about increasing awareness on community stewardship and personal responsibility. Also a Christian spiritual director, she guides individuals on being better stewards of everything with which they've been entrusted.

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