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"In the Kiln" Podcast

"In the Kiln" Podcast


In the Kiln is a unique bimonthly podcast that empowers listeners to live a more fulfilling, purposeFULL life through the wisdom of community folk, who are practicing legacy sustainability and servant leadership. The 30-minute show features:

  • Transformational leadership

  • Personal stewardship lessons

  • Forward legacy planning

  • Spiritual companionship

  • Reconciliation ministry

Listen to the latest podcast episodes here:

Episode #21 Interview with Christabel Khriangte Corazza





Episode #20 Rekindling the Kiln Conversation with Ben & Sherry

Episode #19 Interview with JB & Melinda Bell






Episode #18 Interview with Alan Young, Jr.

Episode #17 Interview with Rebecca Lowe

Episode #16 Interview with Marilyn Lynch



Episode #14 Interview with William McNeely





Here's what listeners are saying:
"Ben and Sherry share so eloquently, based on their own personal experiences! This podcast is one of my 'go-to' listening experiences when I'm needing inspiration and motivation." -Alex, a "In the Kiln" listener
"I enjoy the practical genuine insights that 'In the Kiln' offers.  Listening to the show has given validity to my own desire to be more intentional about giving back and serving my community." -Michael, a "In the Kiln" listener
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IEnate Podcast with Marilyn Lynch - CR -
IEnate Podcast with Rebecca Lowe - 11-12
IEnate Podcast with JB and Melinda - C4
IEnate Podcast with Alan Douglas Young J
IEnate Rekindling the Kiln MLK Jr Day 1-17-22
IEnate Podcast with Christabel Corazza 3-7-22
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